6. That thing was indestructible.

Or at least he looked like one. So we were doing pretty much anything with it. It's a different story today where everyone carries around with an ultra fragile mini PC on them and constantly lives in fear of "something happening to them". The iPhone is a kind of Woody Allen, a neurotic constantly in fear of putting himself in danger, the 3310 is Chuck Norris. A... well, we're not going to insult you by describing Chuck Norris' character.

Truly indestructible

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7. We didn't have to charge it all the time.

Once every three days max. And this even if we spent our time texting (in text language) at 20 cents and playing snake. At worst, if you really needed to charge it, all you had to do was ask a friend for a charger, since everyone had one.

8. It was heavy

Yes, when you put it that way, it's not really an advantage, but it was actually cool because you were always aware that you had it on you. It avoids the horrible heart pinch you get when you search your pockets and believe for a millisecond that you've lost your precious. Your friend the 3310, by his imposing morphology indicated to you that he was always at your side to help you in case of trouble.

9. He reminds us of a time when the mobile phone was just a big thing that was used to make phone calls

So we couldn't take Selfie with it. "Old, stunted asshole mode that goes to the boxers because his waltzers are starting to get dangerously close to his activated knees"... Unless this mode was activated at the beginning of the top.