As the 2019-nCoV epidemic of coronavirus spreads and the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared international urgency, Swiss and British researchers say they can stop the phenomenon with innovative treatment. sugar.
These are actually molecules of cyclodextrin, a natural derivative of glucose, which researchers at the University of Geneva, the Federal Polytechnic of Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Manchester have modified.

The study, published in Science Advances , explains that they have thus created a substance capable of destroying many viruses, by simple contact. It is the characteristic of virucidal matters: by disturbing the external envelope of a virus, they irreversibly inactivate it.
In the event of an epidemic, they are therefore much more effective than antiviral drugs which, for the most part, are content to inhibit the growth of viruses, without destroying them. Knowing that there is also a risk of the pathogen becoming resistant to mutation treatment.
Problem: the majority of virucidal substances are also toxic and therefore cannot be absorbed by humans. This is particularly the case with bleach. With their discovery, the researchers circumvented this difficulty since the cyclodextrins are biocompatible.
They are "easy to use" and "do not trigger mechanism of resistance" develops Samuel Jones of the University of Manchester, in a statement of the EPFL.
The effectiveness of the treatment has already been tested on various viruses: that of bronchiolitis, dengue, herpes, hepatitis C or the papillomavirus, among others. Ultimately, this remedy could be administered in the form of a cream, gel or even a nasal spray.